Considering Part-time Studies? Guiding You on Improving Matric Results

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You have given it everything, but you need one or two APS points (admission point score) to get accepted in your university course of choice.  Or perhaps you did not put in any effort at all and your results are a true reflection of your limited input and therefore your plans for the future are going nowhere slowly.  In scenario number three you did not set any goal during your school career and you had no clear vision for your future.  As a result, your results are not poor, but it will not enable you to become the engineer, the pilot or the lawyer you lately thought of becoming.

What now?  You can give up and let your life goes to waste.  Or you can take action, set some meaningful goals and do what is necessary to turn your life around or get back on track.

Let us look at a few options.


If you are still adamant to stick to your original career choice, you can always find another tertiary institution that will allow you to follow the same course with a lower APS.  Do not forget about the many private universities that can give you the same or better education than the one the public universities offer.  Because they do not have to filter their applicants so drastically because of the high number of applications, they sometimes have more realistic entry requirements.


Sometimes your results can be a reality check.  If you gave it all and still were not successful, you might need a new plan for your future, a route adjustment.  Find another direction – one which will also suit your talents, skills and interests, but for which you need a lower APS.  You can also explore an alternative university, technical university or technical college that might be willing to accept you for your new course.  If you missed the last date for applications, it is worthwhile to get a job in the same industry and to apply the following year.  You will then have the advantage of already having some experience in the field.


You can go to a school like Abbotts College to redo some or all of your Grade 12 subjects.  It is not easy, because you had the vision of you and your friends going to university together.  They will move on and you will have to stay “behind”.  But do not worry, because you are the brave one.  At least, at a school like Abbotts College:

  • You can focus on your goals because at Abbotts we do not believe in sideshows
  • You can function in an environment where the focus is on academics
  • You can be taught by specialist teachers
  • You can only redo some of your subjects or redo all the subjects with the students doing Gr12 for the first time.
  • There will be some other more mature Gr12s that are also improving their marks
  • You do not have to get back into school clothes again
  • Your hair and clothes will look like the hair and clothes of your university friends

No matter what you choose to do after you obtained poor matric results, never give up on what you want most, for what you want now!