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Dream School SA Students



Following a very successful season 1 of Dream School SA, Abbotts College has joined Dream School on season 2 offering each of the students a full scholarship for 2 years. The show pulled out all the stops creating star pupils from a group of students aged between 15 and 19. These teens had fallen through the education system for one or another reason. The Dream School show encouraged those students to go back to school and finish their matric year, and turn their lives around.

Abbotts College, is a leading Grade 10, 11 and 12 college in South Africa. Our unique approach to education is underpinned by an understanding that these years are the final and critical phase in a child’s education that will shape and determine their future.


Please meet these young individuals

Should you wish to contribute financially and support these individuals on their path to success, please contact: dreamschool@abbotts.co.za

All donations are administered through the Izzi Trust: www.izzitrust.co.za