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Global Competencies

05 June 2018

We are becoming more and more aware that our students will be moving into a world of work that will be defined by jobs that don't currently exist, using technologies that haven't been invented, to solve problems we don't even know are problems yet.


After extensive research, conversations and exploration of global educational approaches to these evolving workplace requirements, Abbotts College defined the global competencies they would develop in their students, from grade 8 through to matric.


They identified five key focus areas in this global skill continuum, namely:

  • Thinking skills (critical, creative and reflective thinking)
  • Research skills (inquiry learning and media literacy)
  • Communication skills (participating in discussions/sharing of understandings)
  • Social Skills (collaborating with others/learning how to interact with others)
  • Self-management skills (reflection, growth mindset and self-regulation).

Latest News

08 August 2017

The 4 Gauteng School got together on the 8th of August at Abbotts College Johannesburg South to take part in the intercampus arts festival. 

Click here to view all the pictures from the event


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