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Did not meet your Tertiary Studies Entrance Requirements?

​What next?

Instead of saying "I did not meet the acceptance requirements”, rather say: "I did not meet the entrance requirements YET!” 

If you wrote Matric in 2017 or in the last 3 years, you can enrol at Abbotts College. 

Did you recently receive your IEB Matric results or NSC Matric Result and came to the sad realisation that you did not meet the correct Admission Point Score (APS) to be accepted for the study field of your dreams? 

Abbotts Colleges can assist you. You can re-register for up to five subjects or register for two new subjects if you wrote Matric with the wrong subject combination. 

Remember, on the long run, sacrificing just another 10 months of your initial study years can make a vast impact on your future career path. 

Hundreds of students have joined Abbotts Colleges in the past 45 years to upgrade their matric results. Some students even up skilled their Mathematical Literacy and registered for core Mathematics after completing their Grade 12 year of studies and successfully registered with tertiary institutions and top universities. 

Abbotts Colleges prides itself in guaranteeing access to Tertiary Studies to all our students, including part time students whom are given a second chance! We have a money guarantee. 

Why settle for less - why register for a Diploma Studies course when your aspiration is to obtain a Bachelor’s Degree. It is never too late to pursuit your career dreams. For more information, contact any of our schools and register for your part-time studies today.

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