Admission is based primarily on a personal interview with the principal or deputy principal. Academically, the only pre-requisite is that the student has passed the previous grade to the one he/she is applying for.

The relationship between the college and the students is guided by the Code of Conduct which all
students are required to sign.

Download College Code of Conduct

For our international students this process may be completed via the internet, e-mail and/or fax in those countries not visited by our representatives.

In some cases there may be a waiting list but these lists are managed with great care.

At the interview, the following must be submitted:

  • Most recent school reports
  • Identity document of parents or guardians
  • Birth certificate of the student

A non-refundable administration fee is payable upon enrolment.

For more information on fees and admissions, please contact the college.

For more information you have the following options:

Phone one of the colleges directly.

Send us an e-mail.

The Abbotts College website – www.abbotts.co.za – is both informative and easy to use, giving you all the information you may require. 

Administration Office:

Tel: 0861 SCHOOL (724665)

E-mail: info@abbotts.co.za