Welcome to Abbotts College Century City

Abbotts College, Century City, continues to enhance the unsurpassed reputation that the original College has established since it was founded in 1971. The College caters for the needs of students in Grade 8, 9, 10, 11 and 12.

Well-equipped classrooms are grouped around two quads which are the focal points of the campus. We are also very proud of our exciting Art and Design space. The College also boasts Modern Computer Rooms, a Science Laboratory and Fully Equipped Kitchen and Restaurant.

The life skills and cultural programme of the College is designed to enhance the experience of every student. Field trips are arranged regularly as are outings that emphasise the relationships between subjects.

Every year we have a Market Day, Sports Day, Intercampus Derby Day, Talent Night (Abbotts Live) and the College Matric Dance is a further highlight. The Student Leadership Forum (SLF) serves as an important avenue of leadership skills as well as a vital source of communication between the Staff and Student body. All of the above activities could not be arranged without the support of highly dedicated and professional staff.

Each prospective student attends an interview at the College with his/her parents. At this interview the subjects which best suit the students NEEDS AND ASPIRATIONS are selected. A programme is then designed to ensure that the student will ENJOY College life and be given the best OPPORTUNITY to enter his/her chosen career.

The key to success at Abbotts College lies in our individual approach. We reward students for their individual efforts and that allows our students across the academic spectrum to achieve. A child’s self-image is important and needs to be nurtured all the time.

Although the primary reason for many students coming to Abbotts College is to achieve academically, we work towards empowering them so that they leave the college as independent young adults. We want them to take ownership of their lives and have the resources to face the future with confidence.

Join us for an interview and discover a 21st century option for education. You will not be disappointed!.

André Moolman
Principal: Abbotts College Century Gate.