New Grades 8&9

Abbotts College has extended its grade offering at 3 of our campuses. We are proud to announce that we now offer Grades 8 & 9 at Abbotts College Johannesburg South, Abbotts Century City and Abbotts Pretoria East. This makes the 3 campuses full high schools. The new grades were first introduced at the Johannesburg South campus at the beginning of 2016 and the 2 campuses will have begin with the new grades from 2017.


Overview of the Grades


Grade 8

Grade 8 is arguably one of the most important year of a student’s High School career.  The transition from Primary to High School can sometimes be daunting and students need to adapt to the challenges of High School life whilst developing into young adults.  Students are exposed to 9 compulsory subjects that provide them with a broad overview of potential subjects choices.


Grade 9

In Grade 9 there is a big focus on ensuring that each student has an understanding of their own talents and dreams.  Subject choices are made in Grade 9 and these subjects will determine the subjects they write in Matric and will, in a large part, determine their future study and career.