Welcome to Abbotts College Claremont

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We strive towards high quality education that is directed at the needs of each individual student at the college.

Our learning and teaching programme is driven by passionate teachers that apply their professional knowledge to establish a highly effective learning environment.

Our wide variety of subjects allows us to design a subject package that will suit the educational needs of most students. The effective intervention and assessment programmes promote continuous learning throughout the year and prepare students for higher learning.

We value student participation at our campus and encourage student expression and understanding.

The college is responsive to the expectations of the community and we value diversity amongst our students.  We value our relationship with our parents/guardians and the community and place high value on effective communication.

And we will continue  striving towards delivering  that promise.

Every year students from all over the world descend onto our campus with their own individual educational needs. This creates an opportunity for students to learn from one another and allows them to network beyond their borders – this is a learning experience in itself.

We take an interest in understanding the sparkling mind of the adolescent and provide them with an opportunity to develop in their own way. Our students are equipped with the values and morals that will assist them to find happiness and fulfilment.

Our passionate and dedicated staff remain at the forefront of new developments in education and they present their students with high quality teaching.

We present our students with a subject package suitable to their academic needs and provide them with the appropriate advice to achieve their academic goals.

My personal belief is that a happy mind paves the way towards positive thinking and behaviour, which will ultimately result in achieving academic success.

Saleem Jackson
Principal: Abbotts College Claremont.